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The Timeline

Post by Nepped on Wed Dec 02, 2015 7:39 pm


0 - Taios wills Galtaios into existence; creating the template for which the creation of the world would be built upon. He then created seven other deities to help shape the world: Alyrna the sky goddess, Enka the nature goddess, Feirdos the fire god, Lamora the magic goddess, Orniss the war god, Tueur the dark god, and Wesser the water god.

115 - Lamora creates arcana, the base magic, and the other deities use this template to mold their own elemental magics. Taios and the other deities create the mortal races; humans, elves, dwarves, drakkon, and ferran.

242 - An unknown magical event occurs, bringing the Squilen into existence.

256 - Tueur leads a coup against the supreme deity Taios along with a group of elves whom he promised great power. His rebellion fails and he is slain by the other gods for his crime. The elves who followed him are cursed, bringing about the birth of the Dark-Elves.


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