The Lost Chronicles

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The Lost Chronicles

Post by Nepped on Mon Dec 14, 2015 2:05 pm

The Lost Chronicles are several pages torn from The Shinora Chronicles, a magical index which contains knowledge of god-like magic and abilities. These pages were removed from the book and scattered throughout the world of Galtaios, protected by magic seals that can only be released by a command that is in a now-dead language. Once the seal is unlocked, the reader will be granted the ability to wield a god-like magic; however, they will lose the ability to harness any other type of magic for the remainder of their lives. Once the seal of a Lost Chronicle is broken, magic cast on the page will cause the writing to disappear, meaning no other individual can gain that same power.

Chronicle of Planarmancy
The Chronicle of Planarmancy bestows upon the reader the ability to manipulate dimensions, move between them, or even create small pocket-dimensions. It allows the reader to open up portals or rifts which lead to these places, and they can allow whomever they wish to travel between them even if they do not possess this ability themselves.

Chronicle of Horamancy
The Chronicle of Horamancy bestows upon the reader the ability of limited manipulation of time. The reader cannot reverse or advance the age of living things. The ability also only affects a radius around the reader; it is not an ability that effects the entire world. They can slow time, speed it up, or stop it. Within the sphere of influence of this ability, the reader can choose whether or not these effects target individual things within the zone or everything within the zone, including themselves.

Chronicle of Terramancy
The Chronicle of Terramancy bestows upon the reader the ability to manipulate the lands and seas of Galtaios. Splitting continents, creating mountains; or creating rivers and oceans.

Chronicle of Animamancy
The Chronicle of Animancy bestows upon the reader the ability to create life, or if they so wish, restore it. They can create from nothing any living thing; or even create new life. They can also animate inanimate objects, and create living golems or homunculi.

Chronicle of Noxomancy
The Chronicle of Noxomancy bestows upon the reader the ability to remove life. It kills living things immediately, without pain or their awareness that they are dying. This ability can also be used to remove false life granted to beings such as golems and homonculi.


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