Races of Galtaios

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Races of Galtaios

Post by EsdeathPartas on Thu Dec 18, 2014 6:16 am

The generic humans, pretty average people with a variety of different skills, seriously this doesn't need a description. They were created by Taios.

Long-living beings who look like they're in their twenties for like, hundreds of years. Seriously, we need their moisturizer, people. They have a high affinity for magic and a strong connection to nature; definitely made to be wilderness-dwelling mages. They were created by Lamora.

Born from a curse by Taios cast upon a group of elves who supported Tueur's failed attempt to overthrow him. The Dark-Elves have a long life and, much like elves, continue to look like they're in their twenties for so many years, knowing the secrets of their great moisturizer. Due to Taios's curse they lost some of their affinity for magic and their connection to nature was severed.

The short-statured masters of the forge and alchemy. They have an extremely weak affinity for magic, but make up for it by inventing the most advanced technology. They were created by Orniss.

A hybrid race bringing together the physical body of humans with more animalistic features. They have higher senses and are rather gifted in physical abilities. Their affinity for magic is rather average compared to others. They were created by Enka.

Humanoid dragons somewhat taller than an average human. They are resistant to magic and are capable of using their wings for flight. For those Drakkon who have an affinity for magic they are able to expel a breath attack of the same type. They were created by Feirdos.

Squilen (Pending Rename)
Slimes who have taken a humanoid form and the intelligence of humans following an unknown magical event. Due to their creation by this magically focused event, they cannot be born nor live in areas lacking in arcana. Due to their amorphous bodies, they can handle physical attacks with ease, but are highly susceptible to magic.

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