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Magic of Galtaios

Post by EsdeathPartas on Fri Dec 19, 2014 10:26 am

Offensive elemental magic in Galtaios comes in several different attributes, each changing how magic behaves when wielded by a mage. Even if an individual has the same magic attribute as someone else, the way they use the magic may be entirely different.

Flame Attribute
An attribute of flames and heat.
*Fire manipulation: Manipulate and generate fire on a whim.
*Heat generation: Can generate heat, but not take it away.

Aqua Attribute
The power to manipulate water in its three forms; liquid, solid, and gas.
*Water manipulation: The ability to manipulate water in various ways.
*Fog manipulation: Ability to create and manipulate water vapor such as fog, steam, and mist.
*Ice manipulation: Ability to create and manipulate ice; or to freeze existing liquids.

Earth Attribute
The power to manipulate rock, metal, and to a degree, plants.
*Earth manipulation: Manipulate sand, rock, and soil.
*Metal manipulation: Manipulate raw metals in the earth.
*Plant manipulation: Manipulate plant life to a small degree.

Wind Attribute
Unleash gusts of wind to blow away your foe, while twisting the air around you to outspeed your foes.
*Wind manipulation: Create gusts of wind or sharp bursts of it.
*Air Current manipulation: Manipulate air currents and even the effects of wind resistance on your body, giving you the ability to speed yourself up or even slow people down if you manipulate air around them.

Volt Attribute
Unleash the power of electricity upon your foes.
*Electricity manipulation: Manipulate pure electricity to shock your enemies.

Umbral Attribute
Unleash the powers of shadow upon your enemies.
*Shadow manipulation: Turn shadows into solid constructs.
*Illusion creation: Create illusions from shade to disorient and confuse enemies.
*Fear: Instill terror and paranoia into your enemies, effectively demoralizing them.

Seraphic Attribute
A near divine attribute that is incredibly rare and almost never seen; those born with this attribute cannot have any others.
*Healing: Heal wounds and cure sicknesses with this powerful holy magic.
*Smite: Smite your foes with this powerful, near-divine ability.

Arcana Attribute
An uncommon attribute that allows manipulation of raw arcana into pure energy. Can only be inherited through bloodlines and those who possess this attribute cannot gain another.
*Energy manipulation: Manipulate raw arcana into pure energy, applying it in various ways.

Abyssal Attribute
An extremely rare, dangerous attribute only inherited through bloodline. Those with the Abyssal attribute cannot gain any others.
*Absolute Destruction: Complete destruction of whatever the magic itself touches. (eg. if it touches someone's arm, but only at the elbow down, it will only destroy that part of them, rather than the whole person.)


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