Deities of Galtaios

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Deities of Galtaios

Post by Nepped on Wed Dec 02, 2015 7:38 pm

God of Flames; The Landmaker
The God of Fire and Father of Dragons. The being whom formed the continents of the world and created fire magic.

Goddess of Magic
Lady of Magic and creator of Arcana. Granting knowledge and the abilities of magic to mortalkind. She appears in times of great calamity to punish those who would bring disaster through misuse of magic.

God of War; The Forgemaster
God of War, the being who taught mortals of the forge and warfare. Orniss appears rarely throughout history, bestowing powerful artifacts upon worthy heroes.

Goddess of Time; The Time Matron
The Goddess of Time who protects its flow, harshly punishing all who dare try to affect it. She is the only deity to not have any documented appearance, although her existence is accepted by most.

Goddess of Nature
Mother of the Living, Goddess of Nature. This Goddess brought life to all the living beings of the world, and granted mortalkind the abilities of earth magic and the knowledge of farming.

God of Water; The Sea Father
Lord of the Oceans, the creator of all water sources in the world. The God of Water bestowed water magic to the mortal races and created all aquatic monsters and sea serpents.

Goddess of the Sky; The Sky Lady
Goddess of the Sky and the being who gifted wind magic to the mortals. Legends say she is the sole deity to live within the mortal plane, and that she lives upon a mythical continent in the sky.

The Supreme Deity; The Creator God
Taios, the Creator who formed the world's base existance and all the other deities of the world whom he rules over. He created most of the mortal races. Taios very rarely appears within the mortal plane, preferring to watch his storybook of creation unfold from the sidelines.

The Dark God; The Betrayer
Master of all things dark, creator of dark magic, necromancy, undead, and all nightmarish monstrosities. This Dark God attempted to overthrow Taios the Supreme Deity but failed, bringing a curse upon all the elves who followed him, resulting in the birth of the Dark-Elves. For his betrayal, Tueur was executed by the other deities.


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